Remodels and Additions

Architect - Project Manager

Shoreland Cat’s Meow Transformation

Transformation of a rustic, summer vacation, lake camp into an energy-efficient, year-round, primary residence.

Laurie grew up vacationing in her family’s rustic, lakeshore camp. She enjoyed lake activities, mountain beauty, and skiing at the nearby Mt Abram and Sunday River ski areas. After years of creating fond memories, Laurie decided … ( see the project )

Residence, Artist Studio, Sherpas’ Retreat

Transformation of a rural, Appalachian cabin into a world-renowned jewelry artist’s
home, studio, and Nepalese Sherpas’ home away from home.

“Hidden on the outskirts of Weaverville, NC, Barbara Cook’s home is not your typical dwelling. During the approach up the gravel driveway, the first impression is stunning—almost startling. Is it a pagoda? A temple?” WNC Magazine. 

Barbara Cook was a professional metalsmith and jewelry designer learning her craft
from the people of Nepal. She was … see the project )

Charming Craftsman Bungalow

By keeping the best features, a charming craftsman bungalow emerges from the humble beginnings of a shack.

Bonita and her husband ran a successful business in Florida. They decided a charming, relaxing, get-away in the mountains for hot summer months would be a perfect addition to their lives. Bonita contacted TDArchitect to partner with them to transform the small, neglected home into … ( see the project )

Outdoor Living Space Addition

Creation of a contemporary, outdoor living space joined to a traditional, stone home situated on a steep piece of land.

Bob and Nancy Leigh loved their home, outdoor relaxation, and to spend time with small groups of guests. However, the formal floorplan and small, isolated kitchen was less conducive to the casual,
friendly entertaining they desired. They wanted
… ( see the project )

Pine Point Cottage