When do I Engage TDArchitect?

The best time to engage an architect is as early as one recognizes a need to develop, change, or improve an environment. An environment consists of objects and conditions influencing the activities within one’s
surroundings. Environmental forces shape the lives of those therein. Most of us spend most of our time within a built environment. An environment should enhance the activities for which it is intended and
used. If it does not, a modification may be advantageous. Here are a few conditions that may act as a catalyst for change and indicate that you need an architect.

• are frustrated or feel that your building, or space, is working against you.
• are inefficient due to environmental factors or building constraints.
• are unproductive or uncomfortable because you just don’t like being in your environment, building, or space.
• are planning to move or are preparing for y our next endeavor and need a new building.

How Can an Architect Help?
We are members of the American Institute of Architecture and encourage you to start your project by reading their publication, You & Your Architect.


This publication explains the many ways in which architects add value and are very beneficial to have as a partner during your project. Your experience with TDArchitect will extend well beyond the broad description provided in the publication, so please feel free to ask any questions you have about working with us specifically.

How Does This Whole Process Work?
Though general principles apply to most projects, every project and architect/client relationship is unique. TDArchitect strives to be a Trusted Partner in Creativity. It is important for you to be comfortable with us
and us with you during this process. We encourage you to visit our website which provides a few examples of projects and clients with whom we have already successfully partnered.


Creative Environmental Design and Architecture/Putting Your Ideas into Context means we partner with you to tailor the design of your building and space to meet your specific environmental and situational needs. We begin the partnership with this article, Working with TDArchitect. We also provide information relating to your project type with ideas for you to consider. Once you are ready to meet, we will discuss
both your needs and the services TDArchitect can provide to meet those needs. There is no cost associated with our first consultation. We are just getting acquainted. After our meeting, we take the information and develop a fee proposal for the first phase(s) of work. TDArchitect offers a menu of services that correspond to the typical phases of a project. Each phase has an associated proposal and set of fees. This enables you to select the most appropriate services that best meet your needs. Typical project phases and associated tasks are outlined in the next section. Upon acceptance of the initial proposal, we move into the first phase.

What to Expect from the Architect During the Process Project Phases

1. Pre-design
Gathers information on existing conditions including site plan, topographical data, and other site information as it pertains to opportunities and constraints of the project.
2. Schematic design
Also referred to as concept design, defines the overall nature and character, floor plan, building massing, and major design elements of a project.
3. Design development
Develops the schematic or concept design further, defining structural components and connections, building envelope, materials, and assemblies including floors, walls and roofs.
4. Construction/contract documents
Provides a set of coordinated building instructions including drawings and documents suitable for
pricing and construction.
5. Construction/contract Administration
Provides on-site observation of construction activities, assists with problem-solving, acts as Owner’s agent, reviews Contractors’ submittals and applications for payment.

Throughout the process, there is a steady stream of information flowing back and forth between you and us. We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with us whenever they come to mind. This helps us to understand you and your preferences. The following illustration helps describe how we assimilate the information you provide. Given, water, sand, large rocks, small rocks, and a container that
just fits them all, the sequence that works to fit all the items into the container is to put the large rocks in first, followed by the small rocks, then the sand, and lastly the water. Though we welcome information
anytime, we begin the design process with the information that impacts the major elements of the project and then work toward a finer level of detail as the design progresses.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about working with TDArchitect. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you to create an environment that will meet your needs, facilitate your endeavors, and
enhance your life.