… an addition that could accommodate an outdoor fireplace, hot tub, and comfortable seating that included the kitchen space.

Bob and Nancy Leigh engaged TDArchitect to help blend the love of their home with the lifestyle they wanted to lead. The in-town home was sited on a steep lot with the exterior kitchen walls on property setbacks affording no room for a simple expansion. There was no vehicle storage and matching the garage and addition siding to the stone house within budget presented an aesthetic challenge. TDArchitect began by reorienting the approach to the home by extending the driveway along the western property line creating visitor parking. Using an angled retaining wall provided a perfect, private space for creation of a patio and fireplace. An adjacent deck housed the hot tub, additional seating, and terraced stairs inviting guests up from their cars below. The kitchen was expanded through a wedge-shaped addition that followed the property setbacks and joined the retaining wall. The extension created a warm interior sitting area for guests in a new, reconfigured, open, and welcoming kitchen. The carport was designed behind a storage room affording easy access to the house without encroaching on the ambiance created by the outdoor living space. Bark siding was used to complement the natural stone exterior of the original house for a cohesive, beautiful addition to the property. Bob and Nancy Leigh were thrilled with the outdoor space and their new freedom to enjoy entertaining in the way they had envisioned and wanted.

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