… a beautiful retreat with outdoor living space, an art gallery hallway, and a new luxury, master bedroom suite.

The house had few characteristics that would help create a desirable vacation home. However, the small structure sat on a sizeable, neighborhood, corner lot in a country town, and the deep, covered porch had potential for an otherwise uninteresting house with little or no curb appeal. The small interior space was divided, closed, dark and dreary. One redeeming interior feature was the interesting, original fireplace dating back to the early 1900’s.

The challenge for TDArchitect was to retain and use the few assets the house and property offered to create an environment that vacationers from the Sunshine State would love and enjoy. The large, centrally located, property lent itself to two opportunities: a substantial addition, and maximization of outdoor living. The original fireplace was the key indoor feature around which the interior was designed. TDArchitect re-designed the living space by eliminating interior walls, raising the ceilings, and installing new, larger windows that brought abundant, natural light into the newly adjoined living and dining areas. Minimal separation from the enlarged, updated kitchen lent itself to an easy, casual lifestyle. The porch was retained but updated and expanded to emphasize relaxed, outdoor entertaining while watching town activities. A large addition created space for an ample master bedroom suite adjoined to the main body by an over-sized art-gallery hallway with access to the expanded porch for morning coffee. The results were an airy, relaxed, inviting home perfectly suited for the Florida residents’ vacations.

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