… dedicated to her teachers and mentors and hoped to help them by connecting their work to buyers in the United States. Her home in Weaverville, NC, was an extension of her work, passion, and life.

The objective for TDArchitect was to transform a small, simple, rustic cabin into Barbara’s home, her jewelry studio, and a residence for extended-stay Nepalese guest artists. A design pre-requisite and unique opportunity was to integrate a substantial number of handcrafted building elements brought from the Nepalese artists into the remodel to showcase their work. Objectives also included tranquility, increased communal living space, private space, and a dedicated area for an approximately five-foot-tall, prominent Buddha statue. The home/studio design was integrated into the established, well-developed, and extensive gardens on the property, offering a magnificent backdrop for the future retreat. The unique building elements, as well as the landscape, naturally lent themselves to a pagoda temple design style. TDArchitect strove to showcase the wood carvings and artwork wherever possible and appropriate, both inside and outside the structure. Each space was carefully and thoughtfully created to fulfill the criteria set forth in the design program, including lofted studio space, religious space, communal cooking and dining, and bedroom space in separate areas of the home. Working with Barbara, TDArchitect was able to create a structure fulfilling all the requirements needed for her daily living, jewelry business, and her passion to help the Nepalese artist’s.